KKBN PET of The Week (12/04/12)

These are the BEST pups in the world. ALL three are rescues.
Dori is the black and white lab/hound mix that loves to dive off 6 foot rocks into any lake around. (Yes she was named after the finding Nemo character) (Just keep swimming)
Rocky is the red-tri Aussie and he is probably one of the most well behaved dogs ever. He was rescued right out of the Tuolumne Shelt Dec. 2010.
ToeB is being held by Santa and is wondering why he has to put up with this injustice. He was found by my sister on a busy highway in So. Cal. Today they have probably the most blessed lives around. HAPPY HOLIDAY’S from the Bowpups oh and their favorite human Adrienne Bowman.
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