KKBN Goodie Award (08/29/12)

I would like to nominate Laura Dickey for the KKBN Goodie Award.  IT’s surprising she only has one head, for she wears many hats. You may know her as the newspaper Lady, or the Dog Lady and never without a smile or kind word and she smells pretty good too.  She found me on the side of the road near Murphys a couple of years ago and has never stopped loving me.  She spends all her money to take care of me and my brothers and sisters.  She takes us car rides and we help her deliver papers.  And when my friends want to come over to play, she always says yes.  She is so deserving of this award and we hope you pick her like she picked us.

Gus, Shasta, Pig, Tanner, Jack n Fletcher

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