KKBN Goodie Award Winner (07/18/12)

I would like to nominate my Grandpa, Frank Meckler, to be the Goodie Award Winner. He has done so much for this community and is always willing to help others. He is in the Lions Club, Sirs, and is a driver for Meals On Wheels. He gives his time for meetings and events that help donate to the community, and local 4-H groups. When he’s on a route doing Meals On Wheels, he feeds the dogs, and gives them treats because some of the owners cannot. He will also listen to stories and be there to help them. He too comes to the fair and all my FFA events, Sonora High Water Polo events, and my little Brother’s Boy Scout events. He is such a big supporter and is always there for advice. He will do volunteer work anytime he can, and loves to put on the big omelet breakfasts for The Lions Club and Sirs.My Grandpa also cooks at the Home and Garden Shows. Not only does he cook for them, he also does demos for Grocery Outlet! My Grandpa is also on the Grocery Outlet Bowling League, and does!

much advertisement for Grocery Outlet. He likes it when people compliment him on his cooking. He does so much for the community, and more around the 6 acre farm we live on. Grandpa likes to ride around on his tractor and sprays poison oak, brushes, trims trees, and so much more. He is 80 years old and I can barely keep up with him, and I’m a teenager. I’m proud to be able to say he’s my Grandfather. That is why he should be the Goodie Award Winner.

Evon Meckler

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