Big Joe’s Top 3 Reba Videos #3

I’m the biggest Reba fan on the planet.   I love her, wanted to Marry her and possibly have children…. Have loved her since the 80’s and today, I think she really is the Queen of Country Music.  All this week,  you can win tickets to see Reba live at Ironstone Vineyards with The Big Joe and Bridgette Morning show.  The show is July 21st and  To get you ready for the show…over the next few day’s I’ll post my favorite Reba videos here, check back and see if you and I share the same favorites list.  This is # 3

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  1. I think every video posted is a favorite of mine too.. 🙂 Reba is the Queen of Country!!

  2. Hey Big Joe I will arm wrestle you for Reba… lol. I am only 30 but have been listening to and singing along with her since a little pup, she is amazing, I know almost every song she has sang by heart… I saved for months to get front row seats to the Ironstone show and I am hoping to be right under her feet. The only thing that could make this any better is meeting her in person. Reba is bigger than life and I feel honored that she would come to our little old foothill mining town area to sing for all us outside. A prayer answered. See yall there on the 21st! Every Blessing and keep up the videos. Should have a Reba listener sing along contest for backstage passes to meet her that would rock!

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