Big Joe’s Favorite Reba Video’s # 2

Most artist have one signature song in their career, Reba has several.  This song was written and recorded in 1970 by Bobby Gentry and garnered a Grammy Nomination for best Female performance.  In 1991 Reba brought the song to life with a remarkable rendition and mini movie video that made this one Reba’s most recognized hits.

In 1991, Reba McEntire took the song to number eight on the Billboard Country charts. McEntire also produced a popular music video for the song, expanding on the song’s storyline. For years, McEntire has encored her live concerts with the hit, singing the first half of the song in a ragged black mink coat and hat then removing them to reveal a floor length red gown for the second half. McEntire has referred to the song as her “possible signature hit”. (The edit of the song heard on most radio stations cuts the song short after three verses, before the title character makes it off the streets.) Since 1984, Reba wanted to record it but her producer at the time, Jimmy Bowen was against it because he believed the song was too closely associated to Gentry. When Reba changed producers to Tony Brown, she was able to record it for her 1990 album Rumor Has It. [1]

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