KKBN Goodie of The Week (05/23/12)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie of the week: Kevin Bouroughs

This morning on the radio a story of a young man who took the courage to ask his dream girl to the prom was shared.  (I am sorry but I missed hearing it on the radio) the story goes on to say the young lady showed him a picture of the dress so he could dress appropriately with the tux and he said he did not have the money to get a tux and would a suit be ok?  Kevin heard the story on the radio and called in to say, “if the young man had the courage to ask her to the prom he would pay for the cost of the tux!”  He shared with me with a grin on his face what he  had just done and I thought that was very sweet.  Just a small token to help a young man have the “night of his life”!  It doesn’t really matter if I know who the young man is (which I don’t) it just matters to me that Kevin took the time to make the call!

 Michelle Dean

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