KKBN Pet Of The Week (04/17/12)

I would like to introduce to miss belle and miss creed. Belle has gone to two homes and never really settled in until I got her now this is her third and final home. Her  best friend is creed aka stinky kitty. I found creed a couple days before x-mas weak,starving,dirty and flea infested and very very feral. I was shocked that she came to me that rainy cold night she just had no fight in her. I took her in and told my husband keep the new laptop u got me and let me have this poor baby instead. she has never left my side. I have two other dogs and  since being raised with them she thinks she is one of them. I have never seen a cat fetch or chase its tail let alone wanna play in her drinking water. Belle  i was told never got along with cats…. but creed puts her best friend in check. I  have been having seizures for the past 5 months and the docs don’t know why and have to go back to Stanford for more testing in July. I don’t know what i would do without my two girls. They are the only two things i see when i come out of my episodes and i was told they never leave my side when i am having  my seizures. They make sure I am ok before they run off and play hide and seek and chase. I AM TRULY BLESSED.

Jessica Davis


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