KKBN Pet of The Week (01/24/12)

This is Trey, he is a 25plus quarter horse gelding with a remarkable story.  
Trey was a show horse and won many ribbons and such but when he no longer could show he was sold and passed around from owner to owner.  He was sent to winton from San Diego by a seller to a lady who bought him sight unseen for a lesson horse.  He did not work out for her so she decided to give him away.   I was still recovering from a bad riding accident and I was drawn to Treys story of rejection so I went to meet him and took him home.  Through the friendship of this horse I was able to overcome my fears of riding and together we have helped heal each other.  Come to find out later after many rides that he was a halter horse in shows and was never ridden.  I think its a true test of faith and trust that  he has kept me safe on our journeys together and I could not ask for a better friend.    I hope you agree that he truely is a “miracle” sent to me.  And I would like him to be considered for amazing friend of the week!!!!
Wanda Wolski and Trey
Sonora Ca.
Ps. You and Bridgette  rock my days Big Joe, we love your show!
Treys telling me to “turn it up!!!”

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