And The Goodie Is….(09/21/11)

A BIG KKBN Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner:  Carol Cook

Check out the nomination letter below…

I recently had back surgery.  My children came from Southern Calif to care for me upon my release from hospital.

 There was a block of time (about a week) that none of them could be here.  My daughter phoned my friends to  set up a “babysitting” schedule of coverage.  My friend Carol Cook agreed to Babysit for 3 nights.   The time came and she did.  Took good care of me.

  Un be knownst to me…….each of those nights she was here, she also got up twice in the night and drove home to tend to her dogs.  She felt she couldn’t leave them unattended and yet wanted to help me out.  And to top it off, she didn’t tell me she was pulling double duty.  She just did the job that needed to be done.

 I only found out by accident what “above and beyond the call of duty” good act she had done.

 Oh, by the way….did I mention….she even took vacation days to care for me.

 Is that a friend……or is that a friend?

 Calaveras County Schools…..Computer Support Unit

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