KKBN Goodie Award Goes To….(08/31/11)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie: John & Tara Right

KKBN Goodie Award: John & Tara Right own Dandelions Childrens Consignment Boutique in Sonora. Each and every time I have been in their store, they treat me like an old friend. I was recently in their store, shopping for my many children, and I was blessed with witnessing a most generous act by Tara. A young women had come into the store carrying a brand new preious baby. The young woman had wanted to purchase a baby bath to bath a newborn with. She went out to her car, came back in and said that she didn’t have the money and lived out of town. Tara, the owner, graciously handed her the baby bath, and said for her to just take it, and enjoy it. I was overcome with joy and so happy to see such an act of giving. Its not what the value of the baby bath is, it was her act of kindness and generousity that was so moving. Please consider them as the Goodie of the Week award. In such hard financial times today, this was truely a blessing for that young mom.

Dandelions Childrens Consignment Boutique

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