KKBN Pet Of The Week(07/12/11)

We love Mutts here at KKBN, just look at Big Joe.  Congratulations to this week’s winner of the KKBN Pet Of The Week Award:  Meet Sassy

This is Sassy.  She is 9 months old.  She was rescued from the Stockton Pound when she was 6 weeks old.  She weighed 2 pounds 2 ozs when we brought her home.  They had to give her a flee treatment cause half the hair on her body was missing.  My daughter who was going through Vet Tech school at the time and working at the pound for her rotation.  They asked her if she would foster her and get her back to good health.  But I fell in love with her and I adopted her.  She is so sweet.  We really don’t know what her breed is,  but that’s ok.  She is the perfect lap dog.

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