KKBN Goodie Of The Week


Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Of The Week Award Winner:  ABI SALDIVAR


I guess telling my friend, Abi Saldivar, that she is a good  friend, good mom, good sister, good daughter and good person isn’t enough…I need to write a letter to KKBN for the Goodie Award….since it seriously is my favorite radio station.  :)I am old enough to be Abi’s mother, but she is more of a sister to me.  I have known her for almost 12 years and in that time I have watched her raise her young sons with more patience, more overall understanding and more parenting skills than I have.  (I have 4 grown children)  She takes the time to teach them how to be respectful at all times and is always respectful of others.  She explains the whys and how’s to her sons – they have no chance but to grow up as outstanding individuals.  I’ve seen her invite countless people into her home.  She offers a couch, floor, meal, and a warm, caring heart.  I feel completely loved by Abi and apparently her gift is offered to many others.  As she gives after school homework help to her children, she offers it to the neighborhood children as well.  If any children show up around meal time, she feeds them – including breakfast, dinner and after school snacks.  She has a generous, loving, understanding heart that she opens to all within her reach.

  Yes, it does overwhelm her at times, but she just cannot say no to anyone.  If there is a need that she sees she tries to fulfill it. 

Despite her limited budget and own children, she drops everything to help her family – her parents and many siblings…anything from babysitting, house cleaning, emotional support, yard work and finances.

She graduated from Columbia College this spring – with honors.  Abi is bright and self – educated beyond what she learned in school.  She has an enormous desire to learn.  She made herself available to fellow students as much as possible to help them in their school work as well.  

From the moment I met her I felt there was something special about her and everyone who meets her feels the same.  I wish I could better express what I feel about my friend.  Abi has been blessed with some amazing gifts that she uses to bless others as much as she can.  I love her and the sweet person that she is. 


Sally Seibert

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