KKBN Pet Of The Week (06/7/11)


This Thumper and Tidbit.

Thumper is a lop ear and we rescued him in Jan 2010.  Thumper was about 6 months when we rescued him and he has grown quit a bit in the last year.

Tidbit is a black Dwarf Netherland  and will be 7 on April 11.   We’ve had Tidbit since he was 4 weeks old and use to fit in my Husband Kevins shirt pocket.  Tidbit has survived a house fire in 2006 when we lost our home.  Tidbit is litterbox trained.

These two are spoiled little bunnies.

Rita Stone

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  1. Thank You for posting my bunnies. This picture was sent in 3 or 4 months ago and Tibit has passed away a week after his 7th birthday. We really miss & love him.

    Thank You again
    Rita Stone

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