KKBN Goodie Award Winner (06/01/11)

Congratlulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner: CHRISTINE RICHARDS

Christine is a hard working Mother of 3.  This is a Mom that is very involved with her Children. She runs her family business full time often working late into the night. Frequently working out in the field as well as running the office. Still managing time to care for her Granddaughter and volunteers for TCYF as a Coach and Advisor to the Jr. Cats. Cheer Squad.   Christine works hard at organizing and administering the fund raisers that allow for Cheer Participants to raise money to help pay the high cost of uniforms and registration fees.

Without being there it is hard to  realize the amount of time involved being a part of this organization attending board meetings, not to mention being Advisor, Coach, and Fund Raising.  Christine should be commended on the outstanding job she does as a Mom, Grandmother, Professional Career Person, and TCYF volunteer for the community.

Linda Ashlock

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