KKBN Pet Of The Week (5/3/11)

Congratulations to a smiling dog named YETTI, The winner this week of The KKBN Pet of The Week Award!

This is our dog Yetti. He’s our 1 1/2 year old lab mix that was found wondering the streets when he was just a pup by a friend of my wife’s.. After two weeks no one came forward so instead of taking him to the shelter we choose to bring him to our house, and life has not been the same….In a good way.  He loves to lye on his back and try to get you to rub his belly. If he doesn’t get his way he will stare you down until you give in.  Sometimes it works.  In a nut shell….Yetti is one big goofy dog. To know  him  is to fall in love with him..

James Dunne

La Grange

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