Goodie Award Winner (04/13/11)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner(s) Stacy Burns and Mark Chiaroni.  Here’s the nomination letter:

Our friends, in their 80’s both cancer survivors, were out of fire wood,

Were wearing several layers of clothes to remain warm and did not wish to

Inconvenience anyone by asking for help because they live on a fixed income

and could not afford additional expenses at this time because of medical

bills.  When we heard about this I called several agencies to see about

getting some help or resources where we might be able to help them meet

their needs.  Because of the depressed economy none of the agencies I called

were able to help.  I mentioned this to a patient and his wife, Stacy Burns

and Mark Chiaroni.  They immediately stepped up and volunteered to give this

gentleman wood for his stove and then to also deliver it to his address.

These two “ordinary” people were the ones to save the day and provide what

agencies oould not.  Because of their kind hearts and giving spirits I would

like to nominate them both for your award.  They do not expect my or the

couples thanks but I feel it would be a great surprise blessing for them because of the great

surprise blessing they gave a very deserving couple.  Thank you for your

consideration of this request.

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