Goodie Award Winner (03/30/11)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner(s) Lloyd and Donna Douglass

Here’s the nomination letter:

A few weeks ago there was a post these friends of mine on facebook asking if we could find room in our homes for these “Highway Puppies”.  There were questions about why these were called Highway Puppies. And when I asked, the response was that Lloyd was driving down the highway in the valley and saw a box with a little head popping out. So of course, knowing Lloyd, he turned around and looks to find a box of dogs!  There were 9 puppies that someone had dumped along the highway.

Lloyd and Donna are amazing people. I would have told Lloyd that I didn’t want someone elses puppy’s poop in my house, OR would have figured that it was just a seen-before box full of garbage on the side of the road. But he didn’t and Donna didn’t say NO!

They are BOTH my HEROES! And the puppies too!  (Not to mention that there was someone who wanted one of the pups so bad, they drove from the bay area to pick it up.) I wish there were more people like them in this world.

Cindi Gerhart

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