KKBN Goodie Award (02/23/11)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner!

Heather Cowan

During our recent power outrage and all around bad weather, we discovered an injured dog. Animal control came out to pick him up but when they couldn’t catch him and they felt his injuries were not life threatening they left us on our own. Saying if we could catch him they would come back. After a cold night he survived, Heather and her husband Sean were able to catch him. He was weak and cold and could eat or drink due to his injures. They made a make shift shelter for him but it would not provide enough protection from the weather all night. Animal control was not available on Sunday.  That didn’t stop Heather from getting on the phone and calling all afternoon and evening on Sunday until she found someone to help. Animal rescue came out at 9:00pm on Sunday night and took him to Sierra Vet for emergency treatment. He would not have made it another night in the freezing cold. This was while she was dealing with no power and an 8 month old son at home. Her efforts save that poor injured dog.

Tina Dutra

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