Goodie Award (10/27/10)

Congratulations to our KKBN Goodie Award Winners…Mr and Mr’s Unknown. 

Unknown please see narrative

I would like to nominate the family in the fishing boat who gave us a tow when we ran out of gas on Melones Reservoir on Monday evening August 9, 2010.  I don’t know their names, but maybe they will recognize themselves in this story.  We had been water-skiing and wake boarding and were headed back to the Tuttletown Marina when the engine died.  My husband diagnosed the problem as two things:  we ran out of gas; and the gauge (which said 1/2 tank) was broken.  This nice family of three came by in a bass boat and were kind enough to tow us from near the Stevenot bridge all the way back to the Tuttletown Marina.  Then the man driving the bass boat was able to skillfully maneuver us in right up to the dock. After getting us safely back to the marina, they continued on with their fishing trip.  They absolutely deserve the GOODIE AWARD.  Thank you for considering them for this award. 


Francesca Simons 

Nominate someone today for the KKBN Goodie Award today!  Remember, all it takes is one good deed.

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