KKBN Pet Of The Week (6/22/10)

This is my 5 year old son’s (Cody Fish) Registered Australian Shepard “Miss Du”, he calls her “Scooby Doo”. Miss Du will be 2 years old on Valentines Day. She was a birthday present for him 2 years ago.

Miss Du goes to the mountains with me and my horse,camping, and runs for miles in the sierras along side of me while I ride. She also goes snowshoeing with Cody and I as well and earns her keep watching and working the cattle on our ranch.

The photo was taken during the big snow storm here in Angels back in Nov./Dec. when all the schools were on snow schedules or closed. She is pictured watching the cattle in the snow at the ranch.

Thanks so much and enjoy the photo!

kimberli and my son Cody Fish

angels camp, ca.

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