KKBN Pet Of The Week (6/1/10)

Tee Tee

Congratulations to this weeks KKBN Pet Of The Week.  Tee Tee is a gorgeous cat that brings lots of love and companionship to her owner.  Here’s the email and pic.

Good morning Big Joe and Bridgette,

Here is my lovely little girl, Tee Tee.  She’s a dilute tortie with beautiful green eyes and a very fluffy tail.  She’s quite the chatter box.  When I get home from work, she’ll talk constantly until I pick her up and give her some love, then she drips drops of saliva out of both sides of her mouth and purrs like crazy. It’s really something to see.  Her birthday is in August and she’ll be 4 years old.  Also, she won “ Second Place ” in the Union Democrat’s Pet Idol Contest in 2008.  My life would be so empty if I didn’t have her in it.  I love her sooooooo much!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

Vicki Bohn

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