Gettin Thin In 2010 (Week 21)

Gettin Thin In 2010


Last week was tough when I stepped on the scale and didn’t lose any weight.   Several people told me I would plateau and that I would have to work a little harder to lose weight.   Some said it was probably muscle, because muscle weighs more than fat and that could be why I didn’t lose.  No matter the reason, I’m still determined to make it to my goal of losing 70 pounds by my 45th birthday on June 25th.  Join us Friday morning at 7:20 to see if I worked hard enough this week to be a loser once again.

UPDATE:  I’m a LOSER!  I lost 3 lbs this week!  Total weight loss in 21 weeks, 68 pounds.  Today I weigh 253lbs.  Kinda freaking me out a little.  Thanks for all the support friends!

A reminder pic of week number 1 below:

Week 1 (321lbs)

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