Gettin Thin In 2010 (Week 18)

18 weeks later...I've lost 63lbs

Can you believe we’re kicking off week 18 of Gettin’ Thin In 2010?   I feel pretty good, and more and more people are making comments about how much weight I’ve lost.  It’s a little weird because I don’t see a big change yet.  Let’s get to this mornings live weigh results from this mornings show.

Let’s recap:  January 2nd I weighed in at 321lbs.  Last week brought me to a total of 53lbs lost and this morning I weighed in at 258lbs.  Which means I’ve lost 10lbs this week and 63lbs total! Wow…That’s a pretty big number.  Only 8lbs away from my original goal of 70lbs!  Wish me luck.  See ya next Friday!

Gettin Thin In 2010 week 18

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  1. Since you’ve lost 10 lbs in one week, you could set your goal for an extra 5 lbs, as 75 sounds even better than 70. Do I detect new wranglers and a new haircut? The only thing bigger on you is your SMILE! Keep up whatever you are doing!

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