Gettin” Thin In 2010 (Week 16)

Woohooo! I've lost over 50lbs!

Let’s get thin in 2010!  We’re still trying as we kick off week 16 of my Big Joe reduction plan.  Thanks to all the folks who leave comments here and on the KKBN facebook page!  You are a huge motivator for me to keep losing, so once again, thanks friends.

Results time:  This mornings live weigh in…showed I now weigh 270lbs, which means I lost 2lbs this week.  Total weight loss since January 2nd: 51 POUNDS!  Only 19 more pounds to my goal weight of 250 by June 25th, my 45th birthday.  After that I will start a new goal and hopefully reach that by Christmas.  Check back next week for more live weigh in results with Gettin’ Thin In 2010 on Today’s Country 93.5 KKBN


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  1. Way to go Joe! I think we need to get on the reduction plan with you. You are a real inspiration! I think I’ll set a goal of 10 lbs to lose by your goal of June 25th! We will all celebrate your loss together as you gain another year! Time to get on wiiFit!

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