KKBN Pet Of The Week

Cody and " Baby Bridgette"

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Pet Of The Week Winner Kimberli Fish!  Here’s a pic of their beloved “Baby Bridgette”.  Yup…Baby Bridgette.   Here’s the email:

We just brought in this little one from our ranch on Saturday. This is “Bridgette” and my son Cody. Bridgette is a as of today, Monday, 5 days old  and a black Angus heifer. Her mom had mastitis and couldn’t nurse her, so my son and I have taken her in to our backyard to bottle feed her 3 times a day. So far she is doing well, and we are giving her electrolytes and scour tablets to help her along this week. Today she ran around the backyard with Cody and laid out and soaked up some Vitamin E in the sun. If we get her along to the end of the week she is good to go for a new replacement heifer at our ranch when it’s time to breed her.
Cody wanted to call her “Big Joe” I told him it’s a girl so he said “Bridgette!”
kimberli and Cody fish
angels camp, ca.

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Have a great Mother Lode day!

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