Goodie Award (3/24/10)

Congratulations to this weeks Good Neighbor!

Miss Glory Powell , a teacher with St. Patrick’s Pre School is this week’s GOODIE! Here’s the nomination letter:

I as so many moms at St.Patricks Pre School wish to tell you of a SPECIAL teacher.Her name is Glory Powel.
We leave our children for her tues,weds,and Thurs every week knowing that she will help them to become wonderful loving kind adults with her guidance.
She teaches them to love the places we live in by teaching them about mother nature.She teaches them to be patient when others dont understand you.She teaches them how to listen even when its oh so difficult.She teaches sharing even when they dont want too.
But most of all she teaches all of us what it means to be good parents and we all go to her at times and ask her questions about parenting The advise she gives is always so helpful.She always takes the time to smile and say hello.
One day there was a man outside the church he was trying to get into the church for a healing mass.He seems to be taking a little timegetting out of his car.Teacher Glory just walked up to him with a smile and asked” can I help you get into the church for mass?”
We all feel she is so wonderful and is such a great teacher for our children.Please consider her.
All the moms of St patricks Pre School in Angels Camp

If you’d like to nominate someone for the KKBN Goodie award, send us your nomination letter today by going to our contact page and sending us your email to Big Joe! The Goodie is brought to each week by JS West Ace Hardware

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