Gettin’ Thin In 2010(Week 12)

Big Joe week 12-Total weight Loss 40lbs

Here we go!  Week number 12  for The Gettin Thin In 2010 Plan!    This mornings live weigh in brings me to a total weight loss of 40 pounds!  I can cross my legs!  Plus, I’ve been buying shirts and boxers at Walmart.  I usually have to order online from the Big & Tall places.   I lost 3lbs this week!   Only 30 more pounds to go to reach my goal!    I need your tips and suggestions for low cal goodies. !  Send your tips to and thanks!  Let’s keep focused and if you slip up, don’t beat yourself up, just get right back on the track!    Join us next Friday for a LIVE weigh in at 7:20 on The Cabin!

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