Gettin Thin In 2010 (Week 10)

Halfway to Goal!

Here we go!  Week number 10  for The Gettin Thin In 2010 Plan!  I’ve switched things up a bit this week by adding more fruit and water to my 1500 calorie a day diet.  Still trying to get more exercise in and I’ve noticed I seem to have more energy.  I usually take a nap in the afternoon, but lately I haven’t been sluggish and tired.  Which means I’m awake longer and burning more calories I hope!    This mornings live weigh in brings me to a total loss of 35 pounds!  I’m Halfway There!  I lost 3lbs this week!   Only 35 more pounds to go to reach my goal!  Keep focused and if you slip up, don’t beat yourself up, just get right back on the track!    Join us next Friday for a LIVE weigh in at 7:20 on Today’s Country 93.5

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