Goodie Of The Week 2/3/10

One Good Deed

Time to announce this week’s Good Neighbor Award.  Congratulations to Daniele Riberia!

Good Morning Big Joe,
I would like to nominate Daniele Riberia for the goodie of the week award. Daniele is the mother of 4 children with another one on the way. Every year she takes time out of her busy life style to coach soccer in Copperopolis; Ca. Daniele has been a soccer coach here in Copperopolis for the past 4 years that I know of. This past soccer season Daniele took it upon herself to help out a child (that was not on her team)She found out the Childs parents couldn’t afford to drive up to Angels Camp for soccer practice  (when the child was signed up no one knew the league had changed some practice’s to Angels camp.) Daniele cleared it with the other coach before she told the parents they could bring there child to her practice in Copperopolis She worked with there child every week so the parents would not have to drive to Angels Camp. Also I was told that last year (2008 season)some of the parents didn’t pay for there child’s trophy or soccer jacket, Daniele out of the kindness of !
her heart paid over $175.00 so the children would get there soccer jackets & trophies and not fill left out or embarrassed. I’m so glad my daughter has had Daniele as her coach for the past 3 years; she has been a great mentor as well as a roll model and coach.
Thank You
Natalie Serrano

If you’d like to nominate someone for the KKBN Goodie award, send us your nomination letter today by going to our contact page and sending us your email to Big Joe!  The Goodie is brought to each week by JS West Ace Hardware

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