Good Neighbor Award

One Good Deed

Time for the KKBN Goodie Award brought to you weekly by J.S. West Ace Hardware in Sonora!

This week’s Good neighbor is Shenadoah Valley.  Yes, that’s right…Shenanondoah Valley.  Read the nomination letter below:

I am nominating Shenandoah Valley of Tuolumne City for the Goodie Award.

Shenandoah is 70 years old, and a native of Virginia.  She lives alone on a very limited income.  However, Shenandoah spends very little time in her home because every day she is out and about in Tuolumne City and Sonora passing out food, clothing and other essentials to those in our community who need it.

Shenandoah does this in spite of serious physical challenges that would keep most of us home, whining and focused on ourselves.

One example of Shenandoah‘s work is that each year she passes out at least 150 meals and toys from the Community Christmas Eve dinner to the homeless and needy in  Jamestown and Tuolumne City.  Next year her goal is to deliver 300 meals there.

She is one of my heroes.

If you have a good neighbor you’d like to nominate for the Goodie Award, click on the contact page and send your nomination to Big Joe!  Remember, all it takes is one good deed.

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