Gettin’ Thin In 2010 Week 5

Starting Week 5 After losing 23lbs

Starting Week 5 After losing 23lbs

Good Morning Mother Lode!

Time for another weigh in for Gettin’ Thin In 2010!  We’ll have the weigh in live at 7:20 and post the weekly pic here later, be sure to tune in!  Let’s recap.  January 2nd, I weighed in at 321lbs and One week ago I weighed in at 302lbs.  Bringing my total weight loss to 19lbs.

This morning I weighed in at 298lbs!  That’s a total weight loss so far of 23lbs! Even I’m surprised at this mornings result!  Some people are saying I’m losing it too fast, but I am really not trying to lose but one or two pounds a week.  I’m sure I will hit a plateau soon and that’s where I need your help and suggestions to continue on with my goal of 70lbs.  Join me next Friday as I start week number 6 of Gettin’Thin In 2010 and we”ll have another LIVE weigh in at 7:20 here on Today’s Country 93.5 KKBN

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