Friday’s Friend is Coming!


Miley Cyrus with a Friend

Good Morning Mother Lode!

Let’s have some fun!

How would you like to be our Friday Friend In February?

Here at The Cabin we feel  like our listeners are our friends.  So with that in mind, coming every Friday in February we want our friends to join us live on the morning show!   You’ll play the music, you’ll say hi to all your friends and find out probably way too much about Big Joe and Bridgette!   Here’s a rare opportunity for you to join us on the morning show LIVE!    This is what we need:

In 93.5 words or less, tell us why you want to be Big Joe and Bridgette’s Friday Friend!

Click Here and send your email to Big Joe or Bridgette

Include a phone number

That’s all there is to it! So get those emails to us today and good luck!

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