First Goodie Of 2010

One Good Deed

Time for The First KKBN Goodie Award of 2010!

The Goodie Award is a local Good neighbor award to recognize acts of kindness here at home in the Mother Lode.  It’s brought to you each week by J.S.West Ace Hardware in Sonora.  This week’s Goodie is Donovan Cupp Of Sonora.  Here’s the nomination email.

Goodie award

I would like to nominate a man who would give you the shirt off his back and more if he had it to give. His name is Donavan Cupp he has a heart of gold. He lives in a warehouse in Serria Village, with his girl frien and her son. The reason I nominate him is because he ran in to an old friend of his, who was in a motocycle accident years a go and was injured real bad and  can’t talk very well and is crippled. Mike his friend does alright but was living in just a shed with no heat and just an upright chair to sleep on.   He couldnt sleep  well and had no blankets, so when Donavan saw this, he took him to his place, gave him a place to sleep and be warm.  Donvan also gives his time to help out at The Red Church He also give his time helping on Monday to help prepare the meals for Tuesday nigh dinner and help cook, and on Wednesdays he goes down to clean the church for the next group to come in.   Donavan has a Pure Heart of Gold.   So this his why I nominate him.  Thank you Donavan for all you do!

Patricia McDonnell

If you have a nominee for the KKBN Goodie Award, just click on the contact page and send your email today!  Please include a contact number.

Remember, it only takes one Good Deed.

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