Goodie Of The Week 1/20/10

One Good Deed

Time for the KKBN Good Neighbor Award!  The Goodie this week goes to Special Ed Teacher Tim Donovan.  Here’s the nomination letter:

The Goodie Award
Despite his rather dry humor and sometimes strict exterior, Special Education Teacher, Tim Donovan really is a softie inside and out.  Once you crack that stoic exterior, you will find a man who will definitely go the extra mile to help the students at Tioga High School in a variety of ways.  Mr. Donovan will donate regularly to the fund for underprivileged kids who cannot usually afford to take an extra curricular trip like a ski trip to Dodge Ridge and just give anonymously so that somebody who might not choose to go because they don’t have the financial resources and allow them to have a great day on the slopes.  He takes his volleyball team to great camps each summer on his own dime.  He spends lots of money for the teams at Tioga High School out of his own pocket so that the athletes have the supplies and equipment that they need to compete in an environment that provides them with great skills and practice.  He has purchased an automatic volleyball machine so that the!
team can practice kill shots and digging, he has purchased a net that allows the golf team to practice hitting their drives inside the gym when the weather is inclimate.  He has purchased baseball cleats, soccer shoes and basketball high tops for kids who couldn’t afford them….He has purchased winter jackets when jack frost arrives and new backpacks at the start of the school year, he is sneaky about finding out their sizes and sometimes uses some insiders on the campus to retrieve the information….kids don’t go without because we have this phantom philanthropist on our campus. He buys meals for kids when we travel to away games and have to eat on the road.  The giving is never ending. He provides his special education kids with extra books and videos so that they can get the practice and exposure to subject matter in a modality that allows them to experience great successes in the classroom.  In a time when the state is tightening our budgets on a daily basis, Mr. Donaovan spends much of his own money to insure that our kids get !
what they need.  He does this with no need for recognition or accolades, he does it because he feels the kids deserve it.  As the administrator on the campus I am privy to his generosity and inner soft side and feel it is time that he gets a small amount of public recognition for his generosity and caring.  The kids thank you even though they don’t know who is doing this…the faculty appreciates your sense of humor and your dedication and the Principal appreciates the opportunity to work alongside so many great faculty members and this happens to be  the one that I want to appreciate in this manner.  Sincerely, Sandy Bradley, Principal

If you’d like to nominate someone for the KKBN Goodie award, send us your nomination letter today by going to our contact page and sending us your email to Big Joe!  The Goodie is brought to each week by JS West Ace Hardware

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