Tuesday’s Top Ten

Good Morning Mother Lode!

How do you like your eggs?  Scrambled?  Great!  Check this out!

Let’s get your day started with things you need to know!

1885: Although the exact date is unknown, the U.S. Patent Office acknowledged December 1st, 1885 as the first day Dr. Pepper was served.



• Hopefully, the fourth time will be the charm for Tom Arnold. He was married last weekend in Maui.
• David Hasselhoff is back home after being hospitalized for two days for something his agent won’t discuss. We have our guesses.
• Meanwhile, the ex-Mrs. Hasselhoff, Pamela Bach, was arrested on suspicion of DUI Saturday night.
• In 2007, 63% of college students said they would move back in with their parents after graduation until they found work. This year 69 percent of college students said they would move back.
• Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have split. Unless you believe their reps, who insist they are still together.
• Chelsea Clinton is engaged to be married to her longtime boyfriend, investment banker Marc Mezvinsky.
• Chris Brown will go into details on “20/20” December 11th.
• That little 5-year-old North Carolina girl that was kidnapped and killed: basketball’s Shaquille O’Neal is picking up the tab for the funeral.
• Saturday Night Live is going to do three live December shows: Blake Lively will host with musical guest Rihanna on December 5, Taylor Lautner and Bon Jovi on December 12th and James Franco as host with musical guest Muse on December 19.

Today is also National Soup Day!  Nothing like a hot cup of soup and today we’ll find out the Mother Lode’s Top Ten Favorite Soups!

1.  Potato

2. Chili

3. Carrot Ginger Butter-nut Squash Creme

4. French Onion

5. Minestrone

6.  Bean & Bacon

7. Watercress

8. Menudo

9. Split Pea

10. Tortilla

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