Tiger By The Tail

Good Morning Mother Lode!

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So…how would you like to be Tiger waking up this morning? Being outed with not one, not two, but THREE mistresses.  I wonder if he’ll have a bowl of Wheaties this morning (of course with his picture on the box) and think about the future.  I wonder if his sponsors are reconsidering the huge paychecks for endorsements. $40 million alone from Nike.  His sponsors are mostly corporate, not really “family man” oriented, so my guess is, most will stick with him.  As far as fans, well that might be a much different outcome.  He without a doubt is the best golfer in the world, but his standing on being a role model just fell off the charts!

So how does he recover?  Read his statement here.

We’ll chat about that and more this morning on the show.  We’ll get you ready for this weekend’s Mother Lode fun!   The Wildcats are in the playoffs on Friday and Santa Claus is coming to town on Saturday and we’ll make sure you have the weather and traffic to get your day going!  Be sure to tune in starting at 5:30!

Have a Great Day!

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