Seven Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Sometimes we find ourselves short on Christmas cash, yet we still have several people left on our Christmas lists. If this happens to you this Christmas, give some thought to these 7 free Christmas gift ideas.

1. Coupons: You can easily make coupons this Christmas for your friends, family, and coworkers, for free. Think of what they’d like to do — a movie night, a game night, a dinner at home – then create the coupon for them to redeem later in the year.

2. Homemade Treats: Homemade treats make the perfect free Christmas gift. If you have a well stocked pantry, you can easily make a free Christmas gifts. Candy and coolies are always appreciated – especially for those who don’t bake themselves.

3. Collage: Whether it’s for your friends or family, a collage of pictures makes a great free Christmas gift. A great idea is look through your files of photos of your loved ones. Print the pictures out on photo paper and assemble them on large piece of cardboard. This makes a great free Christmas gift.

4. Offer Your Services: If you specialize in something, you can easily give a free Christmas gift this year. For example, if you own a bakery, offer to make your friends cakes for their Christmas parties. If you are a mechanic, offer to change your friend’s oil for free. Your friends will greatly appreciate your services and it will be free.

5. A Romantic Dinner: This is a great free Christmas gift idea for boyfriends/husbands. Prepare your girlfriend/wife a meal from scratch on a night that you know will be really hectic for her. For example, if she calls to tell you that she’s going to go and finish up the Christmas shopping that evening, have dinner ready when she gets home. She’ll love you for it.

6. A Night Off: Do your friends have a really hectic life? Work, kids, soccer practice, etc? Give your friends the nights off. Offer to take their children to soccer practice and then take them to your house for dinner. This will allow your friends to relax after work. A night of relaxation is a wonderful free Christmas gift.

7.  CD: Everyone has favorite songs. Make your loved one a CD that has all their favorite songs on it this Christmas. If it’s for someone extra special, put songs on there that remind you of them. This is another great Christmas gift that is free. It just requires searching for the music and burning the CD.

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