Goodie Of The Week

One Good Deed

Good Morning Mother Lode!

It’s time to announce the final Goodie of The Week Award Winner for 2009!

This story comes to us from James Massey of Soulsbyville.   James called the station yesterday and told me he wanted to nominate his kids Kayla, Jason and Dakota for this award.  Last year he was a security officer in Modesto and while on duty was shot in the head.  He and his family made the decision to move to Soulsbyville after his recovery and by a home.  Well hard times continued for James and his family after moving his family to the Mother Lode.  He tells me the family is losing their home.  You could hear the strain in his voice as he told me he wasn’t able to buy an presents for his kids.   His kids received $20 gift cards from Grandparents and instead of going to buy themselves something, they bought their father tools and others presents.

After hearing this story yesterday morning, I knew this was a great nominee for our final Goodie Award for 2009.  Congratulations to Kayla, Jason and Dakota for showing the real meaning of the holidays and their incredibly kind gesture for their Father James.  They win a Gift Certificate to J.S. West Ace Hardware in Sonora!

Be sure to nominate someone for today for the KKBN Goodie Award by going to our contact page and sending me an email.  Remember, it only takes on good deed to make a difference.

Have a great day Mother Lode!

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