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Good Morning Mother Lode,

On this day in 1981 Luke and Laura married on “General Hospital”

Hope you had a great weekend!   High School football and big movies were at the top of most peoples list this weekend.  Both the Bears and Wildcats made the playoffs and 2012 blew up the box office!   Today is one of my favorite days ” Fast Food Day”!  Today on the show we’ll explore our local fast food joints and find out who has the best burger & fries in the Mother Lode!


More talk about Taylor Swift’s Entertainer of the Year win last week.  This time from country great Randy Travis.

RANDY TRAVIS has expressed mixed feelings about TAYLOR SWIFT’s Entertainer of the Year win, telling People magazine, “As a writer, she is a phenomenal talent. When you look at the body of work that she has written at the age when she came into this business, it’s remarkable. It really is. But do I think that Entertainer of the Year might have been a little early? In my opinion, yes, for whatever that’s worth.”

… Age isn’t a factor to the Country Music Association and Taylor more than accomplished the minimum requirements that are to be considered when choosing Entertainer of the Year. According to the CMA: “This award is for the act displaying the greatest competence in all aspects of the entertainment field. Voter should give consideration not only to recorded performance, but also to the in-person performance, staging, public acceptance, attitude, leadership, and overall contribution to the Country Music image.

… Is she really too young? Tatum O’Neal won an Oscar at the age of ten. Anna Paquin won an Oscar at age 11. LEANN RIMES won the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Female Vocalist trophy age 14. She also won Grammies at age 14. And speaking of 19-year-old artists, these women won Grammys at that age: Christina Aguilera; Joss Stone and Rihanna.

Okay, now your turn…Do you think Taylor was too young to win this award?  Log in and leave your comment!

The Mystery Word of The Day is “Cocoa” Be the 3rd caller at 532-9350 when you hear the word in the 7am hour be a winner!  Have a great Monday and thanks for listening to the Cabin!

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