It’s Black Friday


Good Morning Mother Lode!

Last night Jay Leno said “55% of Americans will start their holiday shopping today…the other 45%… are men!    This is also one of the most stressful days ever for Americans!  Some of you are already awake and on your way to Walmart.   Let me ask you a question,  What is wrong with you?  Don’t you know this is the age of technology, so you never have to leave your house for the same sales these stores are promoting?  Go online, stay in your pajamas, drink your own coffee!  I’ve already finished my holiday shopping and never once put on pants, stressed over finding a parking spot, fought a crowd and had to deal with customer service reps that would rather be anywhere but dealing with a thousand stressed out people!  So for those of you dreading hitting the stores this morning, just stop right there, and take those shoes off and click this link!

Happy Holidays!

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